No accessories

My race is not a purse, I can never place it down or shop for a new one. 
My race is not a bag.
I will never put it away, hoping it will come back into fashion.
My race is not a clutch. 
and I refuse to lose it.
My ethnicity is not a pair of peep-toed pumps. 
and I will never remove it when my stroll becomes weary. 
My ethnicity is not mary-janes.
and my blackness is not something I will break in. 
My ethnicity is not a fad, and there will be no questions of "what is the new black"?
My culture is not a sweater and I could never hang it up with the slightest change of weather. 
My culture is not a pair of jeans.
because year after year I will never grow out of it. 
Fuck no, my culture is not a shirt. Honey, this will never fade. 
So open up your mind so you can see this today. 
Close your eyes then open them and view me as bare. 
Delve beyond the fashion...
No purse, no pumps, no pair of jeans. 
See me as naked, see me as me. 
My culture, my race, my ethnicity. 
But no accessories.

Cynia Barnwell