Ins and Outs

Every Sunday, I have the same bedtime routine. I do a little meal prep, put on my pajama set, blow out my candle, watch an episode of The Closer, and  smooth a Biore pore strip over my nose. Eight minutes after the strip dries, I pull it off slowly and look at the gook stuck to the strip. I marvel at the remainder of my makeup,  mixed with dead skin and sebum. But this time, after a quick Google of "sebaceous filaments" I got to thinking about all the things that come out of us. 

Humans release pheromones, an assortment of excrement, salted water, shed hairs, and  milk.

Hell, we even excrete other humans after a 9 month gestational period. 

With all the things we let out, shouldn't we be more careful about what we let in?

Sometimes I want to do just that. Let nothing in and everything out.

Cynia Barnwell