Advice and life hacks:

  • It's okay to say "No" and nothing else. "No" is a complete sentence
  • Be brave. You can live a safe life but it'll also be a life full of regrets
  • You may not be the prettiest girl or guy in the room but you can always be the most stunning
  • Tease out complex emotions. Being upset or mad usually just cloaks fear or uncertainty. Don't give in to those emotions. They are in your head and have been built to sabotage everything
  • If you are meeting someone's parents for the first time, bring a baked good
  • Appreciate your parents 
  • If someone's energy seems wrong, trust your instincts
  • Clever > Pretty
  • Love hard
  • Love without fear
  • It's okay to get hurt. You will survive
  • If you fall in love with a writer, you will be immortalized in their words
  • Trust shouldn't be earned. Neither should love. Give them freely
  • Travel. See the world. Watch who you become
  • Accept the late night calls (they're usually the most exciting)
  • Ask someone to dinner (if you're in New York...and it's a date, go to http://www.theboweryhotel.com/dining.php)
  • Don't just work hard, work smart
  • It's never too late to make things right
  • Always keep a good bottle of wine or rum in your home
  • Tell them you miss them
  • Let people in. Let them stay
Cynia Barnwell