Second chances

I believe in second chances. Many of my friends do not. "Why give a second chance to fuck up?" they spit at me. And I say "Who doesn't like a do-over?" 

The truth is, nothing is permanent. Except death. Every wrong decision, every missed opportunity can be reversed with candid words or selfless deeds. 

I believe in fourth chances because we all have off days where we are reacting to our environment not our loved ones. 

I believe in sixth chances because we all have wounds that we forget about. Abscesses that have festered but live beneath our connective tissue and changed how we move. Yet they've lived there so long, we forget they're still there. 

Relationships may change. But you don't stop loving someone for being unsure, or rude, or being human. Crushes become friends. Enemies become buddies. Exes become bridesmaids. Friends become husbands (obligatory Baggage Claim reference. I saw it this weekend with my mom... It was awful and I can't recommend it but the reference still stands).

Sure, some things are unforgivable. But there's always another chance for compassion. Always a little room for love or dessert. You can make some new space for an old love. 

If the relationship is strong enough, a second chance is worth a shot. 

Cynia Barnwell